Opifiny. Next Generation Efficiency for APS Requests

Opifiny relieves the heavy paper-work load off health care professionals with an online platform optimized to help them complete administrative tasks in 25% of the time it currently consumes.

Now, health care professionals can access medical insurance requests on the platform and from any device. Faxes and dropped off requests are a thing of the past. Doctors and medical staff receive only the necessary questions required for them to answer to process an underwriting or policy claim quickly. Attachments from an EMR are added with just a click. Reports are signed digitally. Mistakes and errors become history.

Optimized workflows do away with standardized forms and simplify the paper trail process, making it clearer, faster and easier for everyone en-route. It’s all better now.

Welcome to Opifiny.

the Opifiny Advantage

Opifiny is an ​ISO 27001 company

Automated Workflows

Automate underwriting and claims processes. Optimize the gathering of physician statements. Only request exactly what is needed.

Cyber Security

Modern security practice and tools ensure the resiliency of the Opifiny system from incoming malicious attacks. Protecting personal health information of your clients, patients and customers.

Easy Onboarding

Get up and running fast. Opifiny’s SaaS solution is built with users in mind. Our training mentors will be there for you and your team when you need them.

Reduce Costs

Opifiny streamlines the collection of health information and has been proven to reduce costs of each case file.

Integrate Easily

With our robust APIs, Opifiny can integrate with most CRM, underwriting and claims management systems.

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